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Texting and Driving – Don’t Do It!

From Michael J. Luzzi, attorney, parent, uncle:

Texting and driving is an epidemic.  Today my niece Christina, a senior at Newtown High School in Newtown, CT, sent her family a short video she produced about the perils of distracted driving.  Her compelling video caused me to self-evaluate.

I constantly remind my three children not to use their phones while operating a vehicle. I persistently remind them about the dangers and costs of doing so, yet I am loathe to admit that I often find myself in the corner of “Do as I say, not as I do.” As a responsible adult and parent, I should know better.  As an attorney, I really should know better, since I have seen the devastating results of texting and driving from both sides. Our firm has represented families who’ve lost loved ones in car accidents triggered by texting while driving or other similar distractions, as well as defendants charged with causing an accident. It’s always tragic for all involved.

See Christina’s video “Life in a Moment”.

Some alarming stats include:

I, too, understand the dangers, but too many times I reach for my phone. I rationalize that there are no cars around me and I might miss something important.  But all that’s in the past because as Christina tells us in her video, all messages can wait, and no message is that important.

Christina is an honor student who will attend college next year and hopes to make film study part of her future. Importantly, she took time today to write and produce a short video to warn us and to help us understand something that we all should know. Don’t text and drive! Thank you, Christina; you have taken the time to care about your fellow students, friends, and family.