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Traffic Offense Attorney - Traffic Offense Attorney

Defense Lawyer for Civil and Criminal Traffic Offenses in Connecticut

If you received a ticket for a traffic offense, it will likely be categorized as either an infraction or a violation. An infraction results in a fine and can be handled via mail or online. A violation may require a court appearance. If you do not pay the ticket or appear in court, however, you may be charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense.

Our team at Dolan Law Firm is experienced in defending a variety of traffic offenses, so you can be sure that we know how to approach your case. Don’t let a speeding ticket drive up your car insurance premiums or result in driver’s license suspension. Our seasoned criminal defense lawyer has been able to help countless clients avoid severe penalties or even get their case dismissed altogether.


How are penalties assessed for speeding tickets?

The penalties you will face for speeding depend on the specific circumstances of the offense. For example, driving 20 mph above the speed limit will result in higher fines than driving at 5 mph above the speed limit. If you are accused of speeding in a school or construction zone, you will face a steeper fine. Commercial truck drivers will be penalized more severely than drivers of passenger cars. In addition, a speeding ticket will result in much higher penalties if you are also charged with concurrent violations such as:

  • Driving without a valid license or registration
  • Failing to properly signal
  • Failing to wear a seatbelt
  • Running through a red light or stop sign
  • Unsafe passing
  • Using a mobile device while driving


Experienced Connecticut Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Our experience with defending traffic violation cases spans from minor speeding infractions to felony DUI charges. This background gives us the insight, knowledge, and skills needed to take action to get charges reduced or dismissed, or achieve an acquittal in court. We dedicate ourselves to personalized attention and aggressive strategies with the goal of achieving the best outcome possible.

Contact our office today so we can address all of your concerns and discuss how to build you a convincing case.