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Probation Violation Attorney

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Probation is ordered after a conviction to some convicted criminals to allow them to serve a portion of their sentence in the community with supervision by a probationary officer rather than in jail or prison. If probation is ordered then it is important that you abide by the conditions placed upon you to avoid further complications that may increase your risk of receiving closer supervision or serving the remainder of your sentence in jail.

These rules and regulations may include:

  • Random screening for drug and alcohol abuse
  • Refraining from alcohol and drug consumption
  • Reporting to a probationary officer regularly
  • Reporting any moves or address changes
  • Avoiding contact with victims or other persons identified in a “no contact” order
  • Refraining from carrying or purchasing a firearm
  • Payment of restitution

When you are on probation, you must abide by all terms of your probation. If you abide by these terms and remain in contact with a probation officer, then you may be able to serve your sentence and be released in a timely fashion; however, with so many rules and regulations to consider when on probation, some individuals may slip up. When a violation happens, you need to work with a Connecticut criminal attorney who can help defend you against jail time or extended sentencing. When you hire Dolan Law Firm, we will work to help you receive a favorable outcome for your case.


Probation Violation Defense Across Connecticut

Sometimes, probationers are unaware of all the regulations that they must abide by in order to avoid complications. If you did not report to a probation officer in a timely manner, report a move, or stayed out past a curfew, then you need to work with our team. It may be to your benefit to retain a Hamden criminal lawyer if you feel that any of your rights were violated while you were on probation as well.

Probationers have the right to be treated fairly and professionally and be free from harassment, discrimination, or bias. Our team can investigate every aspect of your case and ensure that a strong legal defense will be developed to help you obtain a positive outcome for your case. Contact Dolan Law Firm today.