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Personal Injury - Slip & Fall Accidents

The average person takes thousands of steps every day, with most of them being on sidewalks, in stores, and at work. Because of this, over one million Americans suffer serious slip and fall accidents each year. This is the most lethal type of injury for the elderly, but also greatly affects working-age adults: 15% of all job-related injuries are slip and fall accidents.

Under premises liability laws, property owners and landlords have a duty to keep their properties safe for guests, employees, and tenants. If you slip and fall in a store, office, apartment complex, or on a municipal sidewalk, you may be eligible for compensation for injuries you sustain.

Common slip and fall injuries include:

  • Elbow and shoulder dislocations and fractures
  • Hip and back soft tissue and bone fractures and spinal cord injuries
  • Head and face injuries, including concussion and facial fractures, lacerations, and bruising
  • Miscarriage in pregnancy

If you have suffered a loss due to the negligence of a property owner, Dolan Law Firm is on your side. Holding the property owner accountable for their negligence will force them to address the issue, thereby protecting yourself and others in the future. Michael Dolan will help you pursue justice and meaningful compensation for your injuries.  Contact Attorney Dolan today for a free case evaluation or to get started on your defense.