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DUI or DWI and Automobile Infractions

Dolan Law Firm can help those facing DUI charges from the moment the situation arises through the entire legal process. This includes helping you understand available options, fighting for your civil rights, and working to get you a favorable outcome if:

  • You’re arrested or cited for DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) or DWI (driving while intoxicated)
  • You’re involved in an auto accident where others were injured and/or property was damaged
  • You’ve been accused of vehicular manslaughter or misconduct with a motor vehicle

These situations can be complex and involve multiple nuanced legal factors. We have a strong record of navigating the legal system and providing effective counsel for individuals facing automobile charges – and achieving the best possible results. If you were the victim of an automobile accident, please see our personal injury services.

    “We fight on your behalf, at the time of arrest and throughout the legal process, until the situation is resolved. It’s our mission to enact a plan that ensures your civil liberties, supports your best interests, and gets fair results.” ~ Attorney Michael Dolan