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DUI/DWI First Offense

For first time DUI / DWI offenders in Connecticut cities and towns, an ideal resolution for first time DUI / DWI offenders is persuading the Court to grant your application into the Alcohol Education Program (the “AEP”). The AEP is a drunk driving education class sponsored and facilitated by the State of Connecticut. It takes place over the course of 10 or 15 consecutive weeks. The Court orders how many classes you are required to attend. There is usually zero tolerance for missing these classes or showing up late so as an alternative, the Dolan Law Firm has had success in petitioning the Court to allow our clients with busy, out-of-town work schedules to complete their classes over one weekend. For more information on completing your AEP hours out-of-state, please contact Dolan Law Firm.

Most importantly, getting your AEP application granted is a privilege, not an entitlement. It is not automatic and it is not always easy, especially if your alcohol or drug readings are high, or if you refused the breath test. An AEP hearing is held before a Superior Court judge who will grant or deny your admission into the AEP. At the hearing, your Connecticut DUI / DWI lawyer will argue for admission and the state’s attorney (or prosecutor) will take a position as well. A top Connecticut DWI / DUI lawyer will try to convince the prosecutor to not object at this application hearing—significantly increasing your chances of getting the AEP. Our approach is to be as prepared as possible for this AEP hearing—and we will work closely with you and your family to capture and present you, both personally and professionally, to the Superior Court judge. If you are granted the AEP, then your DWI / DUI will be dismissed in a year’s time and all the criminal records of your arrest will be destroyed and erased. If the Court denies your application, then you will either have to take the case to trial or plead out to a misdemeanor or felony charge.