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Business Law

If you need help with any aspect of your business, you can rest assured that Dolan Law Firm’s team will provide the services and guidance you need to ensure success.  This firm strives to offer clients high-quality, personalized services that is efficient and cost-effective.  In most instances, paying a lawyer to briefly review a contract or assemble your business’s legal foundation is an investment that more than pays for itself and, if nothing else, allows a company to identify the risks of proceeding without greater attorney involvement.

Areas of expertise in business law, include the following:

Business Formations

Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks, but it’s still a good idea to have a business formations attorney in your corner while you’re laying your foundation.  Dolan Law Firm can help you solidify your business structure to provide your organization with the best possible chance of success.  Each type of business — whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, or even non-profit — has its own pros and cons.  Attorney Michael Dolan will guide you through the nuances of your model’s taxation, necessary licenses and permits, record-keeping requirements, and liability, as well as draft and file all of the necessary documents.  An experienced business formations attorney can also help you answer key questions like:  Should I incorporate my business? Does an LLC or DBA work better for my model?  How do I choose a board of directors?  For more information on business formation services, click here.

Business Purchases and Sales

No two business sales are alike.  Each business has special characteristics that make it attractive for a buyer to buy and for a seller to sell.  The purchase and sale agreement has to accommodate both parties.  Do not take on the risk and hassle of a business purchase or sale alone. Team up with an attorney who understands the business, will fight for your best interests, and is experienced in contract lawDolan Law Firm will assist you in all steps of the transaction, which usually includes preliminary negotiations, drafting a formal agreement, a pre-closing review, and the closing.  A business purchases and sales attorney can ensure that the seller and buyer both emerge from the transaction satisfied with the process as well as the outcome.  Attorney Michael Dolan has experience on both sides and is ready to negotiate on your behalf.  Click here to learn more about business purchase and sale services.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Attorney Dolan focuses on providing the best service possible in any area that contract drafting and/or negotiation may be required.  Attorney Dolan’s diverse experience in real estate and business allows the firm to handle a wide variety of contract tasks in business negotiations.  Relevant contracts that he can assist you with may include: loan and financing contracts, real estate contracts, sales contracts, vendor contracts, employment contracts, etc. Click here to learn more our business contract services.

Team Up with a New Haven County Business Lawyer!

It is strongly recommended that you have an experienced attorney on your side during any important business ventures, including business formations, contract negotiations, buying or selling a business, etc. Attorney Michael Dolan will help ensure your business is on solid footing, extensively analyze contracts to prevent you from getting the raw end of a deal, and simply take a major load off your shoulders. In addition, it is always a good idea to establish a rapport with a business attorney so that you have a lawyer familiar with your business model, preferences, and goals. When a consult has been done with you and your business model, Dolan Law Firm is prepared to tackle the legal aspects of any adaptions you wish to make to your business in years to come.  Most importantly, however, Dolan Law Firm will help you avoid costly litigation in the future.


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